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Episode 14

Valentines Love Language Game

Play a special Valentines love language game with us!! In Episode 14, we kick off playing - how well do you know your partner - with 14 questions! Our founder Alexis and her fiance Sebastian’s answers will definitely give you a laugh! After Whitney, Alexis, and Sebastian share their tips for cultivating self-love and stronger relationships with your loved ones! Happy Valentines!


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Episode 13

Meet Bill Hanks Who Founded Huemn

Meet Huemn founder - Bill Hanks! He started with humble and hardworking beginnings growing up on a ranch then went on to pursue an engineering degree and MBA. While working, he stayed active with his workouts. However, after experiencing continuous struggles with physical knee pain, he decided to pivot into the wellness and recovery industry and became a regular at Cryotherapy. 


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Episode 12

Owners of Templ Share Their Holistic Wellness Venture

In this episode, Dr. Sarah and David Anzola share their entrepreneurial story of how Templ ~ their holistic integrative medicine clinic ~ was born in Houston Heights! Over the years, this power couple has evolved Templ and its services into a truly holistic clinic to serve the Houston community with not only acupuncture and herbal medicine but also health and nutrition coaching, facials, massage, sauna, IV drips, and more! 


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Episode 11

Sunita Johnson on Staying Fit into Your 40s!

Ready for some health and fitness inspiration this New Year!? Give this episode with Sunny a listen!! Sunny is an Executive Assistant by day and a Zumba / Step Instructor with her own Athleisure Apparel line by night. In this episode, she shares how she got into fitness, how movement has been her medicine during tough times, and the importance of starting every morning with gratitude. 


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Episode 10

WellnessForHou 2023 Highlights & 2024 Excitement!

In this episode, we share our team stories, how we help Houston be more well, highlights from 2023 as well as challenges, tips for working together as a team, and what we are excited for in 2024! We shout out some community testimonials, each of our favorite 2023 events, and what wellness means to each of us. If you have been a part of our community, you will love this episode. 


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Episode 9

Patrick Lyons of the Lyon Shred

Meet Patrick Lyons - by day a Product Manager at Microsoft and by night the Founder of the Lyon Shred Fitness and the Online Fitness Coach Academy (OFCA). Growing up, Patrick was on a mission from uncomfortably skinny to confidently fit. He started sharing his fitness journey on social media and then launched his own fitness coaching program.


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Episode 8

Vinnie Ronca of MADabolic The Heights

Vinnie is a fellow Aggie who majored in Marketing and minored in Sport Management, then went on to get his Functional Strength Coach certification! Through his journey, learn how Vinnie left his corporate career to open a (barbell free!) strength training interval gym called Madabolic - The Heights


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Episode 7

Katie Prats on A New State of Being

Experience A New State Of Being with Katie! In this episode, we chat how this Louisiana gal started her facial and massage studio in Houston - including how she creates her space, chooses her beautiful products, and crafts her holistic healing services. 


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Episode 6

Healing with Carly on Reiki Energy, Tarot Cards, & More

Don’t skip on this episode because Carly kicks it off with a Tarot card reading for listeners! Then we go into Carly’s first ever card reading for me! Carly shares her story how Reiki helped heal her depression growing up which inspired her to obtain her own Reiki certification.


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Episode 5

Kim Davis of Align Athletic Massage

In this episode, Whitney and I chat with Licensed Massage Therapist and Plus Size Model & Actress - Kim Davis! We talk about how she got into massage, the different types and benefits of massage, and her specialty in intuitive, deep tissue massage. We love that Kim is genuinely passionate about helping others!


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Episode 4

Cail Duval of Pump&Crunch

In this episode, Whitney and I chat with meal prep queen - Cail Duval! Originally from Louisiana, Cail started her career in Exercise Science teaching every type of group fitness class! We talk about how her passion for healthy living and good food then inspired her to create an instagram community called @PumpAndCrunch.


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Episode 3

A Healthy, Vibrant Life with Harold Chatman

You don’t want to miss this chat with former law enforcement officer Harold Chatman! We talk about the impacts on mental health as a cop and how Harold shifted into personal training. He started his own Coaching & Training Center and Collagen Supplement called HVL which stands for Healthy Vibrant Life! 


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Episode 2

Haley @Holistic_In_Houston On A Model's Journey

Today on the podcast, I am chatting with friend and boss babe Haley Fountain! Haley is not only a successful Director of Talent, she is also a Model, Actress, Wellness Blogger, Holistic Health Coach, and Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Impressive stack! You may know her from her blog or instagram as @Holistic_In_Houston!


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Episode 1

Friendship, Passion, and How We Started WFH

Today for our FIRST EPISODE ever!! I am chatting with Whitney, my co-creator, biz partner, favorite red-head, cat queen, yoga & dance instructor, and team therapist! Whit and I chat how we met and each found Yoga then decided to build this passion project we call WellnessForHou!


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